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National Development Programme: Bulgaria 2020

The National Development Programme: Bulgaria 2020 (NDP BG2020) is the leading strategic and programming document detailing the objectives of the development policies of the country to 2020. The vision, objectives and priorities of NDP BG2020 are defined on the basis of a socio-economic analysis  drawn up for this purpose as well as on the submissions received as result of the  public discussions of each stage of the drafting of the document. The formulated objectives of the government policies will ensure the achievement of accelerated economic growth and raising the standard of living of the Bulgarian citizens in the medium and long term.
NDP BG2020 is a document for the national decisions for growth. It is in line with the commitments of Bulgaria at European and international level, while at the same time it embodies the aspiration of the state for selection of national road to progress.


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